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Corporate Gift Hampers

Corporate Hampers can be offered to employees who demonstrated commitment to hard work and enthusiasm in the interest of the corporation they serve. Gifting creates a positive image for your corporation, paving your way to long-term, successful business partnerships. Use the power of Corporate Hampers to thank your business contacts and your loyal customer base!
Tea & Treats Gift Hamper KSh4,000.00 Shop Now
Dreamy Bites Treats Hamper KSh3,200.00 Shop Now
Wake Her Up Coffee Hamper KSh2,650.00 Shop Now
Goodness Me Treats Hamper KSh5,800.00 Shop Now
Happy Chance Treats Hamper KSh4,750.00 Shop Now
Good Morning Coffee Hamper KSh2,450.00 Shop Now
Wake Him Up Coffee Hamper KSh2,650.00 Shop Now
Pretty in Pink Pamper Kit KSh30,470.00 Shop Now
Scotch and Mints Gift Hamper KSh6,250.00 Shop Now
Desk Treat Gift Box KSh4,120.00 Shop Now
The Deal Box KSh21,250.00 Shop Now