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Jewellery & Watches for Mom

Treat mom to a special gift she will value for a lifetime as a way to appreciate her for everything she has done for you. Shop our range of watches, jewelry and amazing jewellery cases. 
Mammas Love Jewellery Set KSh2,000.00 Shop Now
Blue Leatherette Jewelry Box KSh1,360.00 Shop Now
Brooklyn Swarovski Bracelet KSh2,250.00 Shop Now
Sasha Luxury Jewellery Set KSh18,000.00 Shop Now
Areum Tennis Bracelet KSh2,300.00 Shop Now
Kendra Blue Drop Earrings KSh1,850.00 Shop Now
Anna Print Earrings KSh1,400.00 Shop Now
June Coal Jewellery Set KSh2,950.00 Shop Now
Enchanted Autumn Jewellery Set Sold Out
Daisy Lilac Love Necklace KSh3,500.00 Shop Now
Olivia Oval Drop Necklace Sold Out
Daisy Fashion Necklace KSh2,150.00 Shop Now